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Cork & Muskerry Railway

Muskerry Railway

The Cork & Muskerry Light Railway was built in 1887 primarily to bring tourists to Blarney Castle.

The line ran from Cork to Blarney, a distance of 18 miles. The railway had a 3ft gauge which classified it as a narrow gauge railway.

In 1887 a 1st class return would cost you 1'8 (1 shilling 8 pence) or a 3rd class return 10 d (10 pence). The railway (or 'Muskerry Tram' as it was known locally) was hugely successful and after only one week the train was packed to capacity with over 2,000 passengers! At its height the line operated nine steam locomotives.

The railway was mainly a tourist route, but was also used by local businessmen and by farmers to carry livestock and produce.

The line lasted through World War I unscathed but suffered serious damage during the Irish Civil war in 1923 when an important bridge was destroyed. In 1925 the railway was purchased by Great Southern Railways (Ireland) and was eventually closed in December 1934.

Cork and Muskerry Light Railway

The Muskerry Railway is another fascinating piece of Blarney Castle history. If you want to find out more about the railway download our PDF document below, which contains a wealth of technical data, maps as well as some great images and old newspaper clippings.

You can also find out more on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cork_and_Muskerry_Light_Railway