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Fern Garden & Ice House


Fern Garden

In the heart of the Castle gardens you will find the magnificent sight of the fern garden. Follow the grassy path lined with wild flowers, you will find yourself standing on a limestone cliff overlooking the ferns. If you continue to follow the path you will find yourself surrounded by over 80 varieties of ferns. You may find yourself stretching your neck to look at 204 inch high Dicksonia antartica which happens to be the tallest kind of its fern in Ireland.

The Icehouse

The icehouse is located near the fern gardens and is proof that you will always find something new at Blarney Castle and Gardens.The Ice house was only uncovered recently as it was lost under a thick covering of briars and ivy. It is a stone circular structure, with thick high walls. It would have been used in the Victorian times in the way that we would use our fridges today