Trinity College, Dublin City

Trinity College, Dublin City

Founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest university. Some of Ireland’s finest minds received their education at Trinity, including Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett.

Visitors can stroll around the beautiful campus, admire the beautiful architecture of the quads, arches and spires, and truly feel like they’ve taken a step back in time when passing from the busy Dublin high street through the university’s stone entranceway.

The main attraction for most visitors is the iconic Long Room library. Said to be the inspiration for the library in Harry Potter, the Long Room is filled from floor to ceiling with row upon row of leather-bound books.

The university is also the home of the Book of Kells, a priceless 9th-century illuminated manuscript, which visitors can learn about and witness first-hand in a special display.


Photo Credit: James Bowden