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Rock Close

Rock close

“In this romantic spot nature and art (a combination rather uncommon in pleasure grounds) have gone hand in hand. Advantage has been taken of accidental circumstances to form tasteful and characteristic combinations; and it is really a matter of difficulty at first to determine what is primitive, and what the produce of design. The delusion is even heightened by the present total neglect. You come most unexpectedly into this little shaded nook, and stand upon a natural terrace above the river, which glides as calmly as possible beneath. Here, if you feel inclined for contemplation, a rustic couch of rock, all festooned with moss and ivy, is at your service; but if adventurous feelings urge you to explore farther, a discovery is made of an almost concealed, irregularly excavated passage through the solid rock, which is descended by a rude flight of stone steps, called the "Wishing Steps," and you emerge sul margine d'un rio, over which depend some light and graceful trees. It is indeed a fairy scene, and I know of no place where I could sooner imagine these little elves holding their moon-light revelry. “

Croften Croker: "Researches in the South of Ireland," 1824

Fairy Glade

Maybe we should not be surprised at how eloquent so many of our visitors become. For many of them, however, it is not the Stone but Rock Close that so moves them. Landscaped around many timeless features in the eighteenth century, this is truly an enchanted spot.


Does the giant Dolmen still rock? Can you manoeuvre the Wishing Steps and have your dream come true? Will you shiver at the sacrificial altar of the ancient Druids or stand in their ancient circle? Will you see the Witch as she pokes the ashes of her kitchen fire? And are there fairies at the bottom of our garden? Enjoy a peaceful stroll around our boardwalk and enjoy all that the Rock Close magical Gardens have to offer!

Or will you simply marvel at the unrivalled beauty that Mother Nature so generously sets before us?

Find the route of a short walk around Rock Close on our map.