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The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters Blarney Castle

Legend tells of a famous King of Munster who once ruled these lands. He had seven daughters and two sons. His rival was also a powerful clan chief and the time came when the king had to defend his lands. One fateful day the army rode out to battle with the king and his two sons at the head of it. Although victorious, it came at a great cost, as both sons were killed in the fighting. The army marched back to the castle, on route passing the ancient druid's stone circle that had stood for millennia. The king dispatched a contingent of men to the sacred site and in his grief he instructed them to push over two of the nine standing stones. This would forever commemorate his two fallen sons. The seven sisters remain standing to this day....

The Seven Sisters now form the central feature of a garden of grasses and perennial flowers, the soft and flowing forms of which are a great contrast to the solid immobile rocks that dominate the space. The garden changes with the seasons, but the timeless rock structure remains a constant.