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Blarney Castle News

29 Nov

Not a normal November

Regular readers of my blog will have missed the October entry. This was due to the aftermath of storm Ophelia, which was consuming a great deal of my time. The estate was hit hard, with a large number of trees being completely demolished as well as hundreds of smaller branch breaks ........

2 Oct

Autumns arrival

September was a pretty good month but with the fall in night temperatures came the autumn, with trees around the arboretum starting to change colour. As things start to slow down we get the opportunity to move from a lot of our regular maintenance jobs to more seasonal work and specific...

29 Aug

Apples and Honey in August

There are definitely the first hints of autumn in the air. Night temperatures have started to drop and there are the beginnings of colour changes in the arboretums. I hope we still get to see a little sunshine in September......

31 Jul

Back in the Jungle

July was a great month in the gardens. It was a little too dry and we have had to spend a lot of time watering, but on the plus side it has really pushed on the growth. A lot of the newly planted areas are filling out nicely.......

3 Jul

A Jumbled up June

June has been a hard month for us in the gardens. A good deal of time has been spent watering, which has resulted in time lost on regular maintenance work. We now have a few weedy beds to contend with.....

1 Jun

Magic in May

I’m looking out of my office window at rain, but I have to say its welcome rain. We haven’t had very much this month and we’ve had to do a lot of watering, which has taken the gardeners off their usual seasonal work.........